Unit & Environment Art

Order of Nations - Rocket Turret (Environment Prop)

Order of Nations - Control Tower (Environment Prop)

Order of Nations - Spawn Base Segments (Environment Props)

Liberation Front - Transport Boat (Environment Prop)

Liberation Front - EMP Bomb (Player Structure)

Shadow Revolution - Heavy Artillery (Player Structure)

Shadow Revolution - (Player Structure)

Pipe Connections (Environment Props)

Ice Deco (Environment Props)

Ice Wall Sections (Environment Props)

Korean Temple Buildings (Environment Props)

Korean Pagodas (Environment Props)

Player Vehicles, Tactical Structures, Props and Environment Art
End of Nations

I was a Senior Artist while working on End of Nations. All of these assets were created in 3DS Max, Photoshop and Crazybump.

End of Nations © 2012 Trion Worlds, Inc. All rights reserved.